How To Go Gossip-Free?

It isn’t a surprise if you are caught by people’s tittle-tattle every now and then. Idle murmurs could be found every second, anywhere, and everywhere.  No place is spared in particular from facilitating all the rubbish. In fact, it is impossible to not find a spot rid of groups and their boisterous chitter-chatter. It’s aContinue reading “How To Go Gossip-Free?”

How to manage the Generation Gap politely?

It’s definitely a “Piss-off” when somebody/something does not comply with your standards and thoughts, isn’t it? And most of it originates out of the age-gap or generation-gap.  Every generation/age-group would be used for certain rules and trends. What seems appealing and glittering to one group would appear irritable/unacceptable to others. This would be especially evidentContinue reading “How to manage the Generation Gap politely?”

7 ways for a healthier family life in this fast-paced world

Don’t you think that your mind is often clogged and occupied in this fast-paced world? Isn’t it taut and gripping enough with few relevant commitments and many irrelevant goals that makes you hover about a plethora of incoherent things? Read my blog Is this how your life is? to know how your day-to-day activities impactContinue reading “7 ways for a healthier family life in this fast-paced world”

Hello everyone!

I am glad to be back here after long and nothing is more blissful than experiencing that feel-like-home factor. Thank you WordPress for facilitating this platform. So this time, I have come up with a subject wise and thought-provoking. My blogs would be about my perception-analysis on life and it’s ever-bombarding circumstances. The positive tweakContinue reading “Hello everyone!”

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